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June 4, 2019 • Crime

This evening (3rd June, 2019), I closed from work around 5 pm and headed home on the kaneshie-kasoa highway.

Immediately after the Weija Traffic light before Tetegu junction, I heard a big bang at the left rear of my car and asked the driver to check what happened.

We have been hit by a Kia Rhino truck and the impact was massive.

My driver picked the broken part of the rear bumper and caused a little bit of traffic jam so I told the other car to park at the right shoulder of the road so we allow the flow of the traffic.

The driver, a young man aged about 26yrs told me in the face ” I should park for what”? He sped off!

I asked my driver to chase him and as we got closer, this guy was pushing us to crash on the sides of the midsection bank of the road like what people watch on “fast and furious”.

Apparently, he was looking for a ” U-turn” to run away and leave us behind so I told my driver to make sure he occupies the inner lane and block all “u’ turns” on the left inner lane side of the road leading towards the Densu bridge and beyond. We did this for about 8km up to the beginning of the lake towards the toll booth.

Right after the bus stop at mile eleven, I realized his fellow truckers had joined in blocking us to pave way for this guy to run away so they were just crossing us and insulting us till we got to the last but one left turn.

Two other trucks completely blocked us and created a way on the inner lane for the guy to do the ” U-turn ” which was just about 10 meters ahead of him.

Alas, I saw a police patrol Pajero driving on the shoulders of the road so I got down in the middle of the traffic and approached them to help us apprehend this guy.

They told me in the face they can’t help me because they were mechanics who fixed the car and they were only trying the car on the road!

I knew they were lying to me so within a split second, I convinced them by telling them what I do for a living and that if they don’t block the next ‘u’turn”, this driver would run away.

They felt the sudden sadness on my face and immediately blocked a section of the “U’turn”. The guy was actually going to turn behind them so I quickly ordered my driver to block the other side of the turn completely.

I got off in my suit and started running towards the toll booth which was about 2.5km away. I was in my suit, I mean properly suited with my tie on running as fast as my long legs could carry me.

Some of the trotro drivers realized I was aiming at the next police station so a few started chasing me by the shoulders of the road and as they got closer, tried to push me towards the bush impeding my flow and creating a big gap at the left inner lane for the guy to speed on.

A private car being driven by a Moslem lady saw the melee and started driving through the traffic with her Hazard light on. She beckoned me to jump into the back seat of her car as she sped through the huge traffic to get me to the police station across the toll booth.

The trotro guys ahead of her after 50metres started blocking this lady driver so I jumped off and ran the next 900metres across the booth to the Kasoa side of the police station to call for police assistance to apprehend this Kia Rhino guy.

We actually stopped two other Kia trucks who were urging this guy not to park and obstructing us so he could escape.

The Kasoa police led us back to the SCC MTTD.

I was very shocked that some drivers and a few passengers could actually on the spur of the moment aide a driver who has hit and dented the rear of my car causing severe damage to run away from Justice!

It is not as if we were even not guilty because I know very well it is the court who can determine who was at fault but people knew I was looking for the police and instead of helping me apprehend this guy, they were rather aiding his escape!

The Damaged Car

Very shocking!. A friend told me some years ago that in a popular lorry park if someone attempted to pick a passenger’s pocket and he was caught and started running, all this pick poker guy could say was to shout ” I am not a thief but I am being chased by ‘ lampool krakyes” ( literally meaning I am not a thief but I am being chased by tax collectors). And that at that time, people would actually obstruct the tax men to allow the pickpocket to escape.

Elsewhere, across the globe, kids could even call the police on their dads.

We are gradually growing lawless and have come to hate people who work for “government” or people suspected of working for “aban”

We used to love each other by helping each other apprehend bad people but today, the reverse is the norm,

We used to clean our streets on weekends but today, we dirty our streets on weekends,

We used to direct the police to apprehend bad people in our society but today we hide bad people from the police!

What kind of a generation are we breeding?

We must have a serious attitudinal change in this country.

You shout for help and no one cares yet same persons get into trouble and they come to you for help!

Let’s help rid our country of bad people,

Let’s help the police to ensure discipline on our roads.

It’s a sad day for me if you ask me and sleep has gone out of my eyes!

By Kofi Karikari-Bondzie

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