Fantes are ungrateful-Felix Ofosu Kwakye,deputy minister of communication

January 28, 2016 • Politics

A leaked audio recording in the possession of your authoritative news outlet, which is about to go viral in the coming days involves the voice of the deputy minister of communication Mr. Felix Ofosu Kwakye, formerly of the ministry of information chastising Fantes and tagging them as being ungrateful beings. According to Mr. Ofosu Kwakye as recorded in the audio, fantes have benefited a lot from this current NDC government,so it came as a shock to him to hear most of them backing those criticising president Mahama for bringing those 2 Yemeni Gitmo detainees to Ghana.

“What is their problem if we sent them to the western region?” asked Mr Kwakye, “Do those living there think they are better than those in other regions?” he continued. “I wonder how and why these fantes can be so ungrateful upon all the developmental projects we have given them over the last 3 years,it is unprecedented!” retorted Mr Kwakye.

The outspoken deputy minister did not mince words as he took a swipe at the traditional leaders and chiefs accusing most of them od being the brain behind since they lacked the ability to control their people and  teach them to be more appreciative and discerning. According to him,fantes have benefited more than voltarians and northerners under this current administration so they must rather be the ones to praise this government and propagate its good works for all to see than rather joining the  bandwagon of clueless detractors from the opposition party,NPP.

This tape is likely to make this current administration unpopular within the fante confederation especially in an election year like this.

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