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On Sunday April 1, 2018 individuals across every walk of life in Ghana and beyond, will be given a rare opportunity to become shareholders in a number of businesses and industries initiated by Germany based Ghana Diaspora Group (GHASPORA).

GHASPORA which is officially registered in Ghana and Germany, has currently concluded all necessary feasibilities to commence three major industrial and social projects in Ghana. These include the setting up a special Green public toilet facilities across the country using a special German technology that deploys wood chippings instead of water for flushing human waste.

GHASPORA has also secured necessary clearances from the Ministry of Trade and Industry to commence a plastic waste recycling plant in Ghana, whereby discarded plastic materials will be collected and recycled for reuse by plastic manufacturing companies in Ghana and abroad. The diaspora business entity has also secured endorsements from the One District One Factory (IDIF) secretariat to build a multi-million dollar Cornflakes factory that will source all of its raw materials from Ghanaian farmers to produce Ghana’s first indigenous cornflakes product for both local consumption and for export.

Frederick A. Addo

“We are in partnership with companies and experts in Germany to ensure the sustainability of these industries that we have set sight on”, says Frederick A. Addo the head of GHASPORA’s Business Unit. “Ghaspora Group guarantees maximum return on your investment.

Take that huge step and become a PARTNER with us. We are waiting.“

“We set up GHASPORA because we realised that with careful planning, we could coordinate the immense resources within the Ghanaian diaspora to bring real development to Ghana. We are not satisfied with merely remitting billions of dollars to Ghana annually, we want to now start setting up industries and businesses to drive real development in Ghana,” says Kwaku Appiah, the General Manager of GHASPORA.

“While undertaking these projects, we want every Ghanaian to be a participant in this novel strategy to Ghana’s development, hence our invitation for interested people who want to be part of history to buy shares in our line of businesses and share in the story that posterity would one day praise us for.” Mr. Appiah said.

GhasPora Logo

GHASPORA will hold a maiden Conference call on April 1, 2018 across Europe, America, Africa and Ghana to interact virtually with all potential investors. The Conference call which can be accessed through the guidelines provided on the GHASPORA’s website:, will provided potential investors the opportunity to directly make all necessary enquiries from directors of GHASPORA.

“We are using GHASPORA to demonstrate the power of Group Economics. The old economic epoch is fast fading away and the next big thing is an economic dispensation where everybody can become part of potential multi-billion dollar businesses,” noted Raphael Ofori-Adeniran, the Director of Communications of GHASPORA. “Anybody can be a shareholder of any GHASPORA project. Imagine what it will feel to be a part owner of Ghana’s first Cornflakes factory, or a multi-million dollar waste recycling plant?”

Kwaku Appiah

GHASPORA, initiated by a group of Ghanaian business professionals based in Germany, France, Holland, Italy, the Czech Republic and other European countries, is the first time Ghanaians in the diaspora have joined forces to initiate business and industries aimed at the socio-economic development of Ghana.

To become a partner, CLICK HERE to join.


By Ralph Ofori-Adeniran

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  1. Avatar Nana Appiah-Kubi says:

    A novel idea.l am interested. What time is the conference call coming on? l live in Maryland(USA)

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