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In this write up, the writer, Mr. Kingsley Kofi Karikari-Bondzie asks a very pertinent question, which is:


There is a popular Ghanaian street adage that goes;
 “man came to do some but not all”.
Early 2010, the NPP social media front (Facebook) was individualized. There was no standing army to shoot down the NDC propaganda, these were the periods Facebook was the “ish” and very little was heard of WhatsApp.

A young man privated me on Facebook messenger that he would want my phone number for a short discussion.

Long story short, the discussion was centered on asking my permission to add me onto a Facebook secret group called “database”. The main purpose then was to use database as a centre for storing important messages for posterity.

I gave him my permission as I was then one of the party’s youngest elected constituency chairman, plus we were firing the NDC neat on Facebook.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”380″ height=”280″]
(Funeral of Kwabena Boadu)


I met the likes of Manaf Ibrahim,  Hopeson, Akwasi Amankwaa Afrifa Akoto, Nana Prempeh Okogyeabour,(administrator of NPP Youth wing, he was instrumental in unearthing Boadu and throwing him into main line politics), Paa Kwasi Boat, Enoch Sarpong,(davucci), Maanan Egbert (secretary/treasurer), Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe, Sylvester Tetteh, Chris Mawunyega, Kofi Ofosu (opoofo), Nene Sackitey, Titus Glover, Sammy Awuku,  Kweku Darko Ankrah “late” Adwoa Ayamba ?, just to mention a few.

Later, by recommendation, other prominent and active social “medialist” like Jeffrey Konadu Addo (my big brother), Okatakyie Kofi Amponsah, Olivia Okailey Okai, Alpha Ghanaba (now Madam Afia Akoto), Eliasu Tamale, Akbar,  and Akossua Domite.

Some “diasporans” including Obrempong Brako Akomea (IT expert), Juliet Yaa Dee, Akilu Sayibu, Kennedy Adjei, Dr. Agnes Adu,  Priscilla Agyekum, DJ Sources, etc were added to enrich the forum.

It was arguably, the most organized and a pioneer Facebook group made up of brainy NPP young men and women interested in playing our part in our bid to recapture power.

We held our maiden face2face meeting at Afrikiko somewhere in December 2010 where a number of strategic moves were added to the core mandate of the Database Group, some of which were:
  1. To coordinate our activities on social media,
  2. Make recommendations to the NPP Party to set up a social media outlet to help propagate party agenda,
  3. Integrate social media into the national communications committee,
  4. Get a social media liaison officer to distribute from the party for the “standing army to shoot the NDC down on Facebook” and raise our party’s antennae both locally and internationally through social media.
Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe, then became our liaison (currently the social media commander).

Boadu, played a pioneer role in mobilizing NPP youths for the social media agenda. He was to me a “kid with a turbo brain“. I used to call him the mischief boy. He wasn’t noisy physically but he could tease and blackmail you with your little secrets. Whenever he wanted something done, he will call you on phone and ask you to do A,B,C or he will tell the public your secrets??. The reason we used to call him MISCHIEF MAN

Through Boadu Kwabena (Kwabena Boadu), and the rest of the team, Database encouraged and supported young men and women to also contest for the parliamentary slots across the country.


  1. 1.We united the social media front that dazed the NDC towards the 2012 elections,
  2. 2. Database members infiltrated NDC TOPY group set up by NDC UK Chairman with a seed money of USD$10,000. We infiltrated and exposed their wicked intentions publicly till that group collapsed (thanks to K Boadu and the IT team led by Obrempong Brako Akomea and Jeff).
  3. 3.Database helped collapse the NDC campaign messages and strategic groups.
  4. We were fearless and had sub-groupings, one of which was led by my friend Nana Prempeh Okogyeabour and myself. (Generational Youth Movement). We took the NDC to the International Court of Arbitration on Woyome and Waterville as well as petitioning CHRAJ on same issues.
  5. 4. Database encouraged and supported young persons to contest for parliamentary seats across the country,
  6. 5. Database was the main group that coalesced the energies of NPP social media practitioners into a house to house campaign groupings pioneered by YPC led by Kofi Arthur (a member of database) and the professional wing, now Professionals for Change led by Kofi Ofosu and Maanan Egbert (Eunice Darko) both Database members. In fact  Kofi and Eunice were our treasurers, a job they did with distinction


[su_youtube url=”″ width=”380″ height=”280″]

(Life History – A Hero is gone)

The guy was a walking research tool and had great appetite for political research that was felt through Dr. Bawumia’s public presentations the last one of which we witnessed at the National Theatre, closer to the 2016 elections.

Whenever Dr. Bawumia visited central region, even before they touch base here, Boadu would call on phone and won’t even greet but goes “sɛ wo ho yɛ deɛ“? then he would begin to brief you on the intended tour and other stuffs.


Boadu was noted for his interest in political and media research. Right after his death, Jeff Konadu called me and together, we put up a small document meant to set up the Kwabena Boadu Foundation (KBF) in his honour.


We wanted to use KBF to raise funds to honour young men and women who would contribute through social media and other mediums to the development of our party and our country. Especially, those with media and political research interests.

It is true as a person, Kwabena Boadu is gone to his maker but his works and what he stood for lives on!
He inspired a lot of young people and today, we have thousands of our youths contributing to the success of our party.

Can we use his birthday or 1st anniversary of his demise to establish this foundation to preserve the works and ideals of “Boaduism” for the good of our party and our country?
Rest well Mr. Mischief man, 
Rest well my “blackmailer”,
Rest well our beloved Boadu.
May the good Lord keep you till we meet again.
Fondly remembered by: Kingsley Kofi Karikari-Bondzie
NPP Central Regional Vice Chairman

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