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May 21, 2019 • Crime

If there is any community so porous and easily penetrable that daylight robbers can just storm and freely carry out their modus operandi, it is none other than Domeabra, a suburb of Kibi in the erstwhile East – Akim and today’s newly created Abuakwa South Municipality of the Eastern Region.

Domeabra stretches between Kibi and Akwadum on one’s way from Kibi to Suhum in the same region. It is a new and developing area, and home of the latest architectural handiworks that are gradually absorbing residents into their fold. Being a new area with a comparatively sizeable population, this locality should have been very peaceful. But this enviable attribute has eluded the community since the activities of daylight robbers continue to haunt residents in the area?

Hardly a month passes without a case of daylight robbery recorded in the area. In a matter of less than a year, the number of houses that have been stormed by these nation wreckers, leaves much to be desired. The fact that three of these victims are workers belonging to the same staff, in itself, is enough to judge the seriousness of the issue. Late last year, Mr. Evans Oppong Koranteng of Kibi-Akwadum Roman Catholic Basic School, had the shock of his life when his room was broken into and his items including cash, laptop, newly acquired 55 inch flat-screen television and other personal effects were made away with. As if that was not enough, two other teachers on the same staff as Mr. Oppong, Miss Erica Boateng and Miss Florence Donkor recently suffered the same fate with similar items stolen. In an interview with, the trio narrated that each of the theft cases occured when they had left for work. In the case of the last two, both are co-tenants of the same house, and they narrated that on that fateful day, as many as three co-tenants of the same house including them were robbed.

The cases mentioned above are only a tip of the iceberg. The number of those that do not even get reported far outweigh those that come to the limelight. But why should they get reported while the security agencies do not seem to be conducting any investigations into these matters? The day to day reporting of such issues to the police, subsequent giving of statements, and the police inspection of the scene is what seems to end the investigative process. It is obvious that no other effort is made to get the perpetrators arrested, and this could partly account for why these notorious robbers keep advancing their modus oprandi.

My fear is that since these robbers carry out their activities at the time residents have left for work, it could get to a time where they (the residents) might decide not to go to work at all, or use part of their working time to stay home and police their property – a recipe for low productivity. I hope it never gets to that stage anyway, but seriously speaking, residents are alarmed and need a quick solution to this canker. Everybody is hoping for a permanent solution before it degenerates into human slaughter. So what will be the turn of events from now? Well, anyhow it goes, the inquisitor is watching closely and will report any drop that falls from this bucket of water.

Felix Nyarko Acheampong reports for

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  1. Avatar Afrifa says:

    I think some of the government institutions must be present there to keep people always around

  2. This is very serious and the the police are not doing anything about it.hmmmmm thanks bro

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