July 21, 2018 • Opinions

Is it not highly worrisome that the very institution established to maintain law and order would ironically turn round to break the same laws? Is it not so pathetic that the same haven created to provide protection to the citizenry in times of aggression would now turn round to release missiles to crash the same people seeking to be protected?

What is the matter here, one may ask? Well, an AK47 wielding policeman with Midland Savings and Loans has been caught on video brutalizing a woman and her child for arriving at the institution’s premises few minutes after its closing time and yet, insisting on collecting her 250 Ghana Cedis from the financial institution.

In fact, clinical psychologists are not far from right when they say that every human being has some form of abnormality with the mind. If it were not so why is it possible that an able-bodied, tick-tall policeman like the one captured in the video would brutalize in such inhumane and incompassionate manner, not even a colleague male, a seemingly needy young lady with a child glued to her chest?

So what would have happened if the AK47 he was wielding had mistakenly been triggered and fired somebody? It is greatly unfathomable the kind of training given to some people before their entry into the Ghana Police Service (GPS). Did this guy actually undergo a thorough mental examination before being recruited? Oh, mother Ghana.

In all this, my main worry is the uncountable number of similar acts that happen at the dark side of the camera. Indeed, the video has greatly saved this victim. Let us pause and imagine for a short while what the fate of this victim would be if this incident was not captured by camera. I suppose this ill-fated mistake of a policeman did not realize that his folly was being captured by a very worried and concerned cameraman; may God bless this cameraman. So what would have been the fate of this victim had it not been the timely intervention of this skillful cameraman, I ask again? This is the agony of many victims of similar acts. But for this video, this case would have undoubtedly been milked by the same Ghana Police Service after investigating one of their own. After all, the police hardly implicates itself. So who polices the police?

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And for the mistake of a firm called Midland Savings and Loans and its management and staff, what is the need for their very existence if the only thing they can do is to cause customers to be brutalized over an amount as meagre as 250 Ghana Cedis? We are all finger crossed as we wait and watch what happens to this blood sucking thing called a financial institution. These financial institutions would go the full length purposely to caress unsuspecting customers and bait them into their fold, and right from there these customers get turned into footballs for these institutions, humiliating them left, right and center. So if this woman’s cry could not even tickle the conscience of management and staff of this institution, what is their use to this economy?

I urge the Ghana Police Service to carry out clean investigations to unravel the actual truth surrounding this incident. Finally, I urge the Police Service to storm the house of this bully to check on his wife and children; I don’t think they are safe under him. I rest my case.

Felix Nyarko Acheampong writes for vexaplusnews – Kibi.

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