July 12, 2017 • Opinions

When I was in the primary school, because Madam Vanessa taught us that the first thing that a person does when he/she wakes up is to wash his face and clean the teeth. Hers was a buttress on that of my parents before I started school. In my family, you dare not touched anything until you had brushed your teeth. And we, especially me, followed this ritual dogmatically.
However, it seems this old ritual is changing with time.


Current trends do show that not all people start the day with that conventional ‘play’ of washing their faces or cleaning their teeth. Something else has almost taken over that. People now start their day with mobile phones, even children. One is even awaken by the ringing tone of a mobile phone. People start their day with reading WhatsApp messages, checking their mails or facebooking or reading their daily Bible verses. Others even start their day watching pornographic content on their phones.
A lot of the youth start their day with games. My little niece, six years old, came with her mum to visit me. As early as 4am, Priscilla woke up to ask of my phone. Why? To play games (Zuma, road rush, etc.). I wondered how a child would ask for a phone rather than toothbrush or any other thing at an early morning. But, that is reality, not idealism.


Sometime back, people would search for their watches, pen and handkerchief as they moved from home. It’s now mobile phones. People say they are empty without phones.


Mobile phones have now become unavoidable pets to humans that some people can’t stay away from phones for even a minute. People sleep with their phones beside them. Parents that have tried restraining their little wards from using mobile phones or regulating them have had a lot of challenges with that. Some parents have seen real hatred shown towards them by their kids because of the mobile phone menace. The


There are evidences of consequential accidents from the usage of phones. From vehicular to pedestrian hits, kitchen accidents, and even petty to heavy falls as one uses phones are rampant. People have even picked hot irons in place of phones in the quest to pick a call while ironing.


The worst offenders are the uncivilized mobile phone users who will be playing music loudly with their ‘China phones’ in public places, especially in troskis and taxis, and singing along in their ‘charred’ horrible voices. The other nightmarish offenders are those using earpieces and headphones connected to their phones. Their deafness is beyond natural deafness. And what about those that use Bluetooth devices to receive calls? Gosh, they irk like crazy.


Time really changes. It will never be strange to see someone eat with his/her phone, someday.


Sorry, I need to leave. I’ve got a call. Hello… Hello… H-e-l-l-o-o…


awww, this my phone!

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