March 18, 2018 • Technology

It was just by the grace of God that from Monday, 19th March, 2018 through to the early hours of the following day, the township of Kibi did not experience its share of the recent armed robbery attacks being recorded in some parts of the country.

Thank God that on the same day, no house, property, building or institution was found to have been gutted by fire in the now Abuakwa South Municipal capital.

In fact, residents of the Eastern regional based Okyeman capital have every cause to give praises to God for not experiencing any disaster on the said day and date.

This is because if any of the above undesirable situations had occurred, and granted that MTN had been the only mobile telephony network in Ghana, the hometown of President Akufo-Addo would have been thrown into a state of chaos as there was no way the security forces could have been reached to timely intervene in the situation.

The phone numbers given by the police, the fire service and the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) would not have been useful that day if MTN was the only mobile network in the country.

It is really unfathomable and highly unfortunate that the whole of that fateful day and the early hours of the following day were astonishingly characterized by a total cut in MTN network in the area. It sounds amazing, right? Yes, that is the extent to which a mobile network could treat the people it calls its cherished customers.

The most annoying part of the situation is that if one decided to even phone a friend via a different network, the probability that the one at the other end of the call was an MTN subscriber was very high, making the caller unsuccessful, a clear case of jumping from frying pan to fire.

It is really worrying that nothing is taken serious in this country called Ghana. Anybody just does anything at all without giving respect to anybody. The private sector is even better, but the public sector is worse as more serious occurrences go on with the management of such outfits. In this regard, I would waste no time to cite the managements of such outfits as the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Ghana Water and Sewage Cooperation (GWSC) and the so – called branded version of the now GCB Bank, formerly called the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB).

It is worthy of note that the low rate of productivity recorded in this country is partly blamable on how such institutions treat their customers who are the same people expected to work at their various places of work to boost efficiency. They waste customers’ man hours by their mismanagement; hours that would have been utilised at their places of work.

It is time that these issues should be seriously looked at and dealt with very well because nobody can tell the day the whole country would be thrown into abyss owing to the sole incompetence exhibited by managers of such institutions. Imagine there was a total network cut at the Flagstaff House, one of the institutions with the highest security establishments in the country. What do you think would happen?

Mistakes are bound to occur anyway, but the prompt action taken to fix such mistakes should be of utmost importance. For a whole community to be cut off just like that for over 24 hours is seriously appalling. MTN is really killing its customers softly.

I would like to plead with the management of these mobile telephony networks, especially, MTN, to refrain from taking customers for a ride by such life threatening actions. They should stop signing customers’ death warrants. They should halt putting the unsuspecting customers at risk because nobody knows what would happen in future that would warrant that an urgent phone call is made to save a situation or a life.

I also plead with the authorities concerned to, at least, for once, show leadership by calling such companies to order in order to avert any future security threat owing to the mismanagement and incompetence of some of these institutions. Let our leaders put a stop to what I call ‘after the havoc’ reaction where they wait for the unfortunate to happen before necessary action is taken. If not, situations could get to levels that would leave me vindicated.

Long live mobile telephony, long live Ghana.

Felix Nyarko Acheampong – Kibi.

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