April 18, 2018 • Education

Fellow students of VVU Kumasi Campus, Felix Nyarko Acheampong, your humble servant stands at your door and knocks. His plea is very simple; he needs your mandate to become the SRC Editor of our Noble University for the next academic year.

1.In a contest for any position, a number of names crop up; but in this contest, why bypass a tried and tested personality and one who is even doing the work already such as Felix?

2.He is a focussed, a competent, a decisive, an up-to-the-task and a thumbs up writer as he has chosen writing as a hobby.

3.He pays serious attention to the slightest grammatical detail in written and spoken English.

4.If occupants of the position of Editor ever had a responsibility to live up to the real essence and meaning of the word, then Felix’s competencies can hardly be challenged.

5.In a contest for any position, a number of names crop up; but in this contest, why bypass a tried and tested person like Felix for someone else?

5.He writes and publishes articles and news items on and including one entitled ”VVU KUMASI CAMPUS TO GET A PERMANENT SITE – RECTOR HINTS.”

Felix Acheampong

Felix Acheampong

The above is a news item that he carried on an event that took place before our very eyes and presence when the Rector of the University met the student body and made that declaration during last December session. Some of the other articles and news items written by Felix have been posted to you for your perusal.

Now, the following catalogue Felix’s vision when given the opportunity to serve as SRC Editor.

1. He will particularly see to it that any written document (minutes, letters, account statements, budgets, etc.) prepared or received by the SRC is subjected to the appropriate grammatical scruitiny.

2. He will particularly embark on a drive to admonish students to write thought – provoking articles to be pasted on the school’s notice board in order to enrich our writing skills.

3. He will continue to publish articles and news items that will uplift the University’s image and advertise it out there in order to preserve the name of our future alma mater.

4. He will put before the executive body an intention to come out with a magazine for the school and when approved, and subject to the availability of funds, an editorial board would be constituted to start work in that respect.

5.He will support any other decision taken by the SRC Executive body once that decision stands to benefit students and the University as a whole.

Vote competence, vote hardwork, vote service, vote Felix Nyarko Acheampong, your best pet to occupy the position of SRC Editor of our noble University for the next academic year. See you on voting day.

Long live the SRC, long live VVU, long live Ghana. Thank you.

Felix Nyarko Acheampong – VVU Campus, Kumasi.

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