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Pastors, genuine ones of course, have been placed in strategic positions to shepherd God’s sheep. In the course of discharging this God-given responsibility, some of these Men of God become overly judgemental whenever any of the sheep indulges in sin.

But speaking to his congregants during a teaching service, General Overseer of the Kibi-based Charis Ministry International, Apostle Mike Ofosu Takyi, on Wednesday, 16th January, 2019, stated why church leaders are supposed to take it easy with their church members in such situations.

Basing his teaching service on the Parable of the Sower with Scriptural lesson from Mathew chapter 13 downwards, the Head Pastor categorized Christians into four different groups, based on what he captioned, “Levels of Understanding.”

Pastor Mike put Christians into the following groups depending on everyone’s attitude towards God’s word:

1. Those on the wayside (They have no understanding of the Word of God at all),

2. Those on stony lands (They have little understanding of the Word of God).

3. Those in thorny regions (They have understanding of the Word of God, but are not fruitful; that is to say, they don’t walk according to the precepts of the Word)

4. Those on good soil (They have understanding and are fruitful, but the fruitfulness is based on percentage of perfection).

The pastor urged the church members to strive to be on good soil with better percentage. He, however, cautioned the congregants not to be too judgemental of the sins of other Christians since each of the four levels can produce members in the church – adding that his colleague pastors themselves are supposed to take it easy with their church members, and rather seek to give them good teachings so that they can be in the good soil and also strive to achieve better percentage of perfection.

He also cautioned the congregants not to misconstrue his statement to be a licence to sin.

Felix Nyarko Acheampong reports for

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