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April 16, 2017 • Editor's Choice, Society

As many people were at Kwahu celebrating the Easter festivity in diverse ways, members of the Grace Community International Ministry who were having their Easter Convention at Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region were awed by something that many people might think is a Photoshop of an angelic visitation.

Well, on a WhatSapp platform of Abenfo ’87 year group of Suhum Secondary Technical School, a member of the church posted the above image, and the immediate idea that came to my mind, and as a Computer Scientist was, is this not one of the numerous photo editing gimmicks?

But a second thought of the personality and integrity of the one who posted the image made me think again. He is not someone who would lie about his church, let alone about the body of Christ.

The story has also been collaborated by one Elizabeth Kankam Boadu on the Ghana News Agency (GNA) website.

To the GNA writer, the image is described by many as being “awed by the images of angel-like wings, which were captured by a teenager on his mobile phone during a fervent worship session on Easter Sunday.”

The reporter goes on to say “what has been interpreted by all as an angelic visitation occurred during an annual General Easter Convention, which is underway in Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region.”

To a member of the church, Mr Kwaku Agyei, the only comparison to what has happened could be made to an experience by Rev. Shepherd Bushiru’s charismatic Church in Pretoria, South Africa.

As a matter of fact, the teenager, who took the images didn’t even know that he has taken such an angelic photo. Sammy (as he would like to be called), who is from New Drobo Branch of the Church, took the pictures when the rest of the congregation were steeply deep in the worship service, a very important part of a church service and Christian gathering.

Sammy, is later said to have recounted how he got to take that photograph. He said he had no idea that his camera had captured the immaculate white-winged immaculate-creature after going through the gallery to view the pictures he had taken.

He said “it was not until this time that I saw that my camera had captured an angel, right inside the congregation!” the stunned Sammy told reporters.

Bishop Kankam Boadu

Bishop Kankam Boadu

He further reiterated that he was so amazed that he could not view the picture in detail after the first glimpse.

It is reported that the President of the church Bishop Isaac Kankam-Boadu upon receiving the picture showed it to the whole congregation to their utter amazement.

Had it been me, I would have, maybe fainted. This to me is a wow moment knowing that my worship is not in vain and that whilst many are doing all sorts of things such as being raped, having illegal sex, dealing in drugs and stealing from state coffers as well as some being de-vergined (if there is such a word).

Culled from GNA and rewritten by Clement Brako Akomea.

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